Cosmic Dave's Record Factory is a DIY, artist oriented indie record label operating with the philosophy that artists are the best people to drive their own careers. We also believe that life on this planet has been affected by periodic extraterrestrial influences, and that mainstream history tells only part of the story. 

We're into all kinds of music (except for Rap, Commercial Pop, Hard Rock- ala Sheepdogs, Nickelback etc- New Country) as long as we like it. If so, we work tirelessly for our bands and help them in every way we can.

We also are fairly radical in our views on animal rights, veganism, environmentalism, the locavore movement, and strong majority Conservative governments- we've expressed views that have been called 'communist'. My own father calls me a 'Bolshevik', an inaccurate, though not unappreciated moniker- 'Anarchist' is likely closer to the mark. Also, we're convinced that the Universe is the shape of an exploding bubble with our galaxy expanding from its surface.

We like stone circles, trees, Stack Beer, open minds, pot, and bicycles.

Thank you.
Cosmic Dave